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Dulevo International has been producing professional scrubbers since many years. Dulevo scrubbers represent the ideal solution for cleaning and disinfecting both industrial environments, such as warehouses and airports, and professional ones, such as offices, hospitals, supermarkets and schools.

Dulevo scrubber range is made up of walk behind machines, which are suitable for the needs linked to the cleaning of small places, and man on board machines, which are more appropriate to larger spaces. Reliable, silent and easy to manoeuvre the Dulevo scrubbers are the ideal solution for disinfecting.


Dulevo BOOST COMBI is a sweeper and scrubber combined in one machine. BOOST COMBI has great working autonomy and is ideal for large surfaces. It is designed in four versions diesel, battery, petrol & LPG


Dulevo BOOST 300.0

The Dulevo BOOST 300.0 scrubbers with man on board are perfect for cleaning medium-large industrial areas as a result of great washing autonomy in compact dimensions.


Dulevo BOOST 150.0

BOOST 150.0 scrubbers are perfect for commercial areas, such as supermarkets and airports and for other industrial applications, such as workshops, load and unload areas, etc.


Dulevo BOOST 90.0

Simple and sturdy, this walk behind scrubber is intended for particularly difficult professional applications.


Dulevo BOOST 30.0

The Dulevo BOOST 30.0 walk behind scrubber has been designed to assure excellent cleaning performance.


Dulevo BOOST 110.0

Extremely easy to use, great performance, and incredibly ergonomic, BOOST 110.0 scrubbers guarantee maximum comfort and outstanding outcomes also under particularly harsh work conditions.


Dulevo BOOST 50.0

Innovative and technological but, at the same time, simple and sturdy, these scrubbers have been designed and manufactured with the best materials and in compliance with the highest engineering levels.


Dulevo BOOST 20.0

Simple and sturdy, this small walk behind scrubber is intended for particularly difficult professional applications.


High efficiency filtration

During the mechanical collection phase, particles raised by the central brush are aspired and retained due to the depression created in the container by two suction fans. The flow and head of these fans are sufficiently powerful to raise fine particles, without blocking filters. The result is a system capable of aspiring all fine and ultra fine particles, as well as light waste such as leaves, paper and plastic bags.

This particular fabric filtering system also retains the finest of particles and completes the sweeping cycle, while guaranteeing the re-emission of only clean air into the environment. Medium-sized Dulevo sweepers have also been designed according to the mechanical-aspiring-filtering sweeping principle, with direct front collection.

Dulevo has over 30 years of experience in industrial and urban sweeping and has developed an extensively tested fine particle filtering system of proven quality. Collaboration with GORE® has further bolstered the prestige and quality which have always characterised the company.

The application of this innovative type of filter (available in all industrial and road sweeper models, starting from mod. 1100 up to mod. 5000) guarantees:

  • minimum filter maintenance. The filtering surface is entirely impenetrable to fine particles, and is therefore self-cleaning, even in the total absence of maintenance
  • Total filtering of PM10 fine particles of over 99%. Dulevo technology has perfected the already exceptional performance of its traditional system, with the application of GORE® filters, achieving PM10, PM5, PM2.5 and PM1 particle filtering standards deemed impossible until today
  • quality filtering which lasts over time. PTFE ensures that the machine's filtering qualities remain unaltered over time, so that particles always remain outside the membrane, preventing even partial blockage over time
  • improved cleaning quality. Thanks to a 35% increase in your machine's air flow, ensuring improved aspiration of fine particles and light waste
  • total resistance to external agents. The perfect functioning of your Dulevo sweeper shall never again be compromised by water, oil, vegetable and animal fats or chemical agents, even and especially in the most extreme environments
  • a useful filter life with a 5 year unlimited warranty. Even if used in extremely dusty environments, GORE® filters come with an unlimited 5 year warranty

The patented mechanical aspiring filtering system used on Dulevo sweepers, already renowned for their fine particle and ultra-fine particle filtering performance, have been perfected thanks to the exclusive application of Gore® filters, becoming the only one capable of entirely eliminating PM10 fine particles in civil and industrial environments.