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Carryall Utility Vehicles: Reliability and durability combined.

Carryall 1

Carryall 1 is the perfect utility vehicle for light-duty jobs. It can be operated by either a 351 cc, 11.5 hp gas engine or Carryall’s IQ System, electric motor.

Carryall 2

The Carryall 2 offers the IQ Plus System. This system improves energy management and increases the vehicle’s usability. Carryall 2 is also ranked best-in-class for load-carring capabilities.

Carryall 2 plus

Build for a smoother, more stable ride, the Carryall 2Plus features a fully independent front suspension and a semi-independent rear suspension and a semi-independent rear suspension. This vehicle also comes with a 351 cc, 11.5 hp, key-start engine and 4-wheel, mechanical drum brakes.


Carryall 6

With more load capacity, the Carryall 6 enables you to increase your hauling capabilities. The Carryall 6 features a cargo bed almost 6 feet long, enabling you to handle big items with no problem.


Carryall 252

The Carryall 252 includes a tough, 351 cc, 11.5 hp, gas-powered engine. Allows for hauling and towing abilities to meet your needs. Its engine also features pedal-starting capabilities, making your job a little easier.


Carryall 272

Carryall 272 offers a shift-on-the-fly differential lock, giving you extra traction when you need it most. Its 400 cc, 13 hp gas, key-start engine provides a higher torque and more climbing power.


Carryall 295

Conquer even the most challenging terrain with Club Car’s exclusive IntelliTrak All-Wheel-Drive system. Featuring a rustproof twin I-beam aluminum chassis and a total payload capacity of ¾ ton, the 295 is the most user-friendly 4x4 on the planet.


Carryall 295SE

Easy-to-use and versatile, the 295 SE is a rugged, reliable performer with four forward-facing seats. Featuring a new, higher ground clearance and all-terrain tires for the ultimate in passenger comfort. With IntelliTrak, the industry’s first fully automatic, All-Wheel-Drive system.


Carryall 295 Intellitach

Who needs multiple vehicles when you have the versatile, tough-as-nails 295 IntelliTach? Out IntelliTach Work System is an exclusive quick-change attachment system that prepares your vehicle for the application you need. Comes with bucket standard.













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