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Crown’s commitment to the lift truck industry is clearly seen through the design of our products, the quality manufacturing techniques we employ and by direct comparison of our after-sales service support.

Our products have been recognized worldwide for design excellence and innovation. From our smallest hand pallet truck to our highest lifting turret truck, the goal is to always provide the user with the safest, most efficient and ergonomic lift truck possible. For the user, increased productivity closely follows. Smart managers know that substantial gains in material handling productivity require the right equipment for the task at hand. Crown engineers also understand the significance of this simple fact. It’s why ever Crown lift truck has been designed with this basic criteria in mind: to make equipment that operators find easy to handle, technicians find easy to service, and owners find easy to value.


Pedestrian Hand Pallet Trucks – PTH 50


The Crown PTH 50 hand pallet truck is recognized around the world for its robust, functional product design and long-term dependability. The PTH 50 series features a 2300kg capacity and a full 127mm of lift. Variations include single and tandem load wheels and scissor lift models to reduce operator discomfort from bending and lifting


Pedestrian Powered Pallet Trucks – WP 2300


The WP 2300 and WP 2300S series pallet trucks come in 1600kg and 2000kg load capacities and feature 24-volt electrical system, SEM traction motors, 130mm lift, exceptional maneuverability, and Crown’s unique X10 control handle. All models have service diagnostics and programmable functions. The WP 2330S features a folding operator platform making it ideal for mixed use applications where a pedestrian

and rider truck is required. The WP 2335S and WP 2340S feature fixed platforms with either side bolsters or a back support for extra comfort when transporting over long distances.


Rider Pallet Trucks – RT 3030


When heavier loads and longer distances are involved, the Crown RT 3000 Series quickens the pace over pedestrian pallet trucks. It’s also ideal for applications where a fully featured lift truck may be too expensive or over specified for the job. Capacities range from 2000kg to 3300kg with a maximum speed of 11km/h.


Pedestrian Powered Pallet Stackers – WF 3000


Crown’s fork-over pallet stackers features a 24-volt electrical system and centre-mounted tiller on all models from 1000kg to 1600kg. The WF 3000 Series with load capacities of 1000kg and 1200kg offer flexibility and manoeuvrability in smaller retail and warehouse applications. The WE 2300 Series offer load capacities to 1600kg with models that feature a fold down platform to enhance productivity over longer distances. All Crown WF and WE models feature the unique X10 control handle.


Pedestrian Powered Straddle Stackers – SX 3000


Crown’s straddle stackers family is especially suited where a varied mix of pallets and containers are used, or where 4-way pallet entry is required. All models feature Crown’s X10 control handle, forged forks and limited or full free-lift telescopic masts. Time-saving options like side shift are available on the SX and WS Series. Load capacities range from 1000 to 1800kg.

Pedestrian Powered Special-Use Stackers – WD 2300S


Crown’s WD 2300S double stacker can transport two 1000 kg pallets and features a fold down platform for fast dock-to-stock material movement. Lifting outriggers allow transport over ramps and dock plates, allowing added flexibility for shipping and receiving functions. Crown’s heavy-duty WR reach stacker and WB counterbalance stacker are designed for severe duty applications typical of ride-on lift truck, but at a lower cost. Their smaller footprint allows use in tightly congested areas.

 Wave Work Assist Vehicle – Wav 50


The Wave is a revolutionary concept designed by Crown to help you work faster and safer. The Wave works efficiently and quietly in almost any indoor application; elevates a person and a load (one normally carried by hand) up to effective reach heights of five meters; travels nearly twice as fast as the average walking speed; navigates easily in the tightest spaces; and turns within its own length. The Wave vehicle replaces the need for rolling ladders typically used in warehouse and maintenance applications.

 Low-Level Order Pickers – GPC 3040S


The Crown GPC 3040 Series meets the demands of a wide variety of first and second-level order picking applications. The GPC family includes models featuring independent lifting forks for single pallets, scissors-lift forks for double pallets. Lifting operator platform, as well as a model designed for towing carts and trailers. Other performance options include electric steering, battery rollout and freezer conditioning.

Mid/High-Level Oerder Pickers – SP 3400


Operator confidence is the key to productivity when operating at heights. Crown’s SP 3400 Series order pickers feature a robust mast, heavy all-steel chassis and travel speeds to 12km/h. Models are available with operator reach heights to 11.3 metres and the ability to handle loads up to 2.4 metres long. The LP 3000 Series offers an economical alternative for picking heights up to 3.6 metres.

Counterbalanced Trucks – SC 3200


The three-wheel, sit down Crown SC 3200 Series combines a cab forward design, superior control, front wheel drive and is powered by a 48-volt system. It’s a design focused on enhancing visibility, manoeuvrability, and productivity. Load capacities to 1800kg with lift heights to 7,495mm. The four-wheel FC Series extends load capacities to 3000kg.

Reach Trucks – ESR 4500


The ESR 4500 moving-mast reach truck takes performance and dependability to the next level with features like AC power, all-wheel braking, built-in diagnostics, one-piece chassis, exceptionally rigid mast and carriage, and unmatched operator comfort and visibility. The RR/RD 5200 pantograph reach trucks offer the performance advantages of the ESR 4500 with the flexibility of sit or stand operator mode and double-deep reach  Both Series are available in load capacities to 2000kg.

Turret Trucks – TSP 6000


The TSP 6000 Series excels in pallet handling and order picking applications at heights to 11.7m. If features advanced control innovations, excellent manoeuvrability and capacities of 1000 and 1250kg. The 1.5TSP features a 4-point suspension, 1500kg capacity and lift heights to 13.5m. The 1.8TS sideloader is the heavy lifter of the family with a capacity of 1800kg and lift heights to 14.1m. All trucks feature Crown’s exclusive closed-section mast design for a solid, secure feel at any height.














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